terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009

No knocking, come in

“-Do you wanna go for a drink tonight?”
I write while you think
You wonder have something to say
(the voice whimpering in the bedroom
rolling in the dark carpet
dust near
in the detail
three cigarettes)
above sold words
on my skin
on my face
« the superiority journal»
the bleeding letter
(often coming to me
while I indeed sleep)
.trait perdue.
lacerate note:
closing real doors
opening land
burning receiver
misery perfume
(do not write me no more)
maculated in wine

2 comentários:

  1. veo huellas en la alfombra
    de pies descalzos...
    polvo de lejanas tierras
    aromas de frias noches estrelladas.
    lobos danzando en busca de la luna,
    aullando dolores inhumanos.

  2. "the bleeding letter", "the scarlet letter", the wine in the floor.
    i want you to steal a letter.