sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Coming up

(une blague francophone à George Beataille,)

To Renata and Ibriela, who will maybe understand.

Now change position, New York, I'm new here and you didn't suck me yet! Tell us about your (sexual) fantasies. We're about to make (sexual) history. I love when somebody takes my clothes off. There's no problem. We can arrange that for you: step over him.(dark-vocabulary). What's happening? It's good this way, I can see perfectly. I'm coming close in... this was in a single shot? (no music, no song -- song x songe:) now roll it back… and forward again… and turn it up! L'Oeil, get closer and lower for more details. (What strong biceps you have, Grandma! Don't worry, you'll become a man. Yeah, in ten years.) i'll lie down like this. You come here. (come in portuguese, i hear Piva & you angel -- his Lolita-like combination of lustful innocence).Very cute. It's as if they were on their first date. They don't know where to put their hands. Use your tongue... go down on the Sex
& City
you down there. Swallow him! Let's fuck, all right? I see a dark sillhouette of a muscular body and here he comes. This is yummy. (You know, dark skin, hot blood). Come on, beat-children! Where's my condom? Keep sucking! This is not the end! Don't sit, get up. We don't see your dick, Paris, today. This angle is really distracting. What's this silence? Make it louder, bodies. (THIS IS A POETRY!) I won't be your friend if you do things like this! Don't stop the action, just listen to my instructions. (Life.. great ass!).This has all been in Real time. Enough?
Now to finish off the youngster. Help! You Brute! Now, my baby? Do you wanna make me happy? Young gangster. Is this what I've been waiting for? For two hours? You can't be serious! You're the second, man!
OK, tonight I'll show you something!

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